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Sound of Curiosity is a project about making sounds, listening to them, being curious about them, and communicate with each other through sounds. 

The aim of the project Sound of Curiosity is to initiate new intercultural dialogues among youths from Turkey and Albania, through writing, reading, and sound art as a contemporary art practice to give ways to be aware of each other's culture and language.
In this project, language is a tool for reading, writing, talking but also listening to each other. Turkey and Albania are two countries that have entered into many different political relations in time, including historical disagreements and conflicts. Young individuals from these countries is invited to communicate with each other regardless of their language, culture, and beliefs. And they do it with words, even if they do not know each other's languages.

Does it seem impossible?

This project pursues the possibility of inventing a different communication through listening and playing with sounds. The working language is English, workshop leaders of each country facilitate the translation, if necessary, during the workshops. When we move on to the stage of producing together, we would focus on sounds rather than words, and a new common language will emerge.
Two groups of young adults from each country interested in literature/art/sound meet online throughout scheduled workshops, one time a month for 5 months. Due to the unforeseen effects of the COVID-19, the project has been shifted to a digital platform such as Zoom.

Main activities: Workshops, lecture, performance, collective production, and final event.

Applicant/Main partner: BİS - Body Processed Arts Association, İstanbul, Turkey

Co-Partner: Zeta Galeri

Contact person: Valentina Koca

Project executers: PASAJ § Zeta Galeri

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